No Queer Eye for the Duck Guy

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by: the Common Constitutionalist 

Could this mark the end of Duck Dynasty?


For those who are unaware, Duck Dynasty is a TV program aired on the A&E cable network. It chronicles the everyday lives of the Robertson family of Louisiana. They turned the production of the simple “Duck Call” into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.


This show is like a redneck reality Seinfeld. It’s really about nothing, but it is entertaining and has smashed all sorts of records for viewing audience. It’s a huge hit. I personally enjoy it.


Now, as you may be aware, Phil Robertson, in his late 60s, is the patriarch of the family and the founder of “Duck Commander”, the name of the duck call company.


Watching the show, one soon realizes, these are real people – not actors. As such, they will and do speak their minds.


And this is what Phil Robertson did in a “gotcha” interview with GQ magazine. No doubt this was set up by the A&E people and frankly I’m stunned that Mr. Robertson agreed to be interviewed.


Anyway, the outspoken self-professed redneck made a statement of his opinion regarding homosexuality and how he thought it was a sin and unnatural.


Well, this didn’t sit well with the homosexual community. They evidently made a big stink and demanded something be done.


So the pansies (oh, was that offensive?) at A&E acquiesced to the demands and have suspended Phil indefinitely from the show. Shocking! The executives at the “Arts and Entertainment” network suspended a redneck.


I bet the majority of the A&E staff is secretly (or outwardly) cheering the decision.


Now, obviously several episodes of the new season, if not the whole new season, have been taped and won’t be affected by this decision. At least I assume that. But what then?


Will the show continue? Should the show continue?


The Robertsons appear to be a very down to earth, tight knit family. I hope the rest of the family says, “if he goes, we all go”, regardless of the consequence.


If that happens – will A&E stick with them and snub the LBGT folks? I highly doubt it.


My guess is, they at the A&E network are more concerned with perception than ratings and making money. How could they show their faces at Manhattan cocktail parties if they appear to side with lowly country folk?


It’s the same reason Hollywood churns out crap movies that are “highly acclaimed” and lose money; the reason why MSNBC and CNN even exist. It’s strictly to please the wine and brie set.


What Phil Robertson said is what he believes. So what? If one doesn’t like it, one may change the channel. But we all know, that’s not how the angry left works. If they don’t like something, no one should be able to enjoy it.


This may get interesting – what the Robertsons decide to do and the reaction of the network and the public.


It may end up more entertaining than the show.


It is funny though – Pope Francis has said effectively the same things regarding homosexuality and he is Time’s “Man of the Year”. He was also awarded man of the year by a homosexual Journal, the Advocate.


Perhaps if Mr. Robertson admitted that he was a socialist, like the Pope, all would be forgiven.

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