No Podcast

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I’m very sorry, but there will be no weekend podcast today.

An interesting thing happened on the way to the podcast location. As I was leaving my house, a group of neighborhood kids stopped me and asked if I could dislodge a sweat shirt from between a bicycle sprocket and the chain. Since I know them and they’re good kids, I said sure.

No problem I thought. What could possibly go wrong!

I assessed the situation, and determined that if I could pull some slack up on the chain, I could ease sweat shirt out.

Well, the sprocket must have had tension on it, because when I pulled up on the chain, it lurched forward and pulled my left-middle finger in, under the chain and against the sprocket.

The action partially severed the end of the digit, cutting right through the nail and through the bone. The doctor called it a partial amputation. I prefer sever to amputation. Sounds a bit less gruesome.

The doc numbed the finger, pulled the two halves on the finger nail off and saved them. She she stitched me up and glue the nail halves back on, splinted me up. It sounds that simple, but the whole process took many hours.

So all in all, in was a super fun day.  actually no it wasn’t. It sucked. And worse is the damn sweat shirt is still stuck in the bike.

What’s that old saying again? No good deed goes unpunished? Yeah … that’s the one.


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