New Versatile Bike Trailer

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The Trenux folds up and out of the way for easy travel
The Trenux folds up and out of the way for easy travel(Credit: Trenux)

Bike trailers are super-handy if you need to haul cargo, but they can become a burden the minute you empty that cargo and just want to ride your bicycle without a trailer rattling around behind you. German start-up Trenux aims to solve this disparity, offering a lightweight, go-everywhere bike trailer that folds up onto the back of the bike when not in use. Ride all over town with it secured on the bike, fold it out in seconds the minute you need it, pedal your cargo from A to B, and then fold it back away for next time.

Still a prototype, the 11-lb (5-kg) Trenux trailer is capable of carrying a payload up to 88 lb (40 kg). Its designers say it’ll haul the likes of two beverage crates, a suitcase or four boxes of flowers on its 24 x 16.5-in (62 x 42-cm) cargo area. The design includes a removable fabric basket.

The Trenux’s payload isn’t as much as some other bike trailers, particularly if we start talking about all-out workhorses like the Carla Cargo or Reacha trailers. But when was the last time you needed to pedal 88 lb of groceries home? In other words, the Trenux will have enough capacity for many daily errands and loads while offering the advantage of light, folding construction.

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