New Full Face Snorkel Mask

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To prevent the mask fogging up, the Seaview 180 SV2 has separate chambers for breathing and...
To prevent the mask fogging up, the Seaview 180 SV2 has separate chambers for breathing and the lens area(Credit: Wildhorn Outfitters)

If snorkeling is a window into a watery world, it’s not much good if that window is too small or fogs up all the time.

Wildhorn Outfitters is aiming to address those problems with the second iteration of its Seaview 180 full-face snorkel mask, sporting a wide field of vision, an action camera mount and two separate breathing chambers to reduce fogging and let you breathe easier.

The overall design is fairly similar to the original Seaview 180, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. Rather than having to clench the pipe in your mouth like a cheap K-Mart snorkel, the SV2 is built to cover the entire face. As the name suggests, the large lens is designed to provide a 180-degree view of the seascape in front of you, and the well-ventilated breathing chamber is separated from the eyes to keep it from fogging up.

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