New Commencal Meta Power E-Bike

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The 2021 Commencal Meta Power ebike features the new Shimano EP8 motor
The 2021 Commencal Meta Power ebike features the new Shimano EP8 motor

The Shimano Steps series of electric bike motors have long felt quite decent and smooth to ride, but they’ve fallen behind on torque since Bosch started extracting 85 Nm from its Performance Line CX motors, and an update has perhaps been overdue.

That update has now arrived in the shape of the new EP8 motor, which manages to output the same 85 Nm (63 lb-ft) peak torque from a 250-W mid-drive setup that’s smaller and lighter than its E8000 predecessor, allowing extra ground clearance on trails, as well as more space for the battery in the downtubes. The new motor weighs in at 2.6 kg (5.7 lb), and is said to be quieter than its predecessors too.

The EP8 motor has debuted in a range of new bikes, including ones from Merida, Husqvarna and Commencal. We’ll surely be seeing it in plenty of others, but this Commencal Meta Power is a fine-looking thing, so let’s take a quick look at this.

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