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Socialist diner bitten by reality

A few years ago, young entrepreneur Ryan Cappelletti had an idea to open a restaurant. In Grand Rapids, Michigan, he opened the vegan and vegetarian Bartertown Diner. But Ryan was no ordinary restaurateur. He and his 16 eventual employees were socialists, collectivists, with a streak of anarchist. What a combo. In other words, don’t use capitalist terms like “entrepreneur,” to describe him – although it fits. That term is strictly reserved for the bourgeoisie, not him or his employees, who consider themselves Marxist proletariat. wrote that, “They eschew business plans and detailed financial projections in favor of vision and values. Above all, they take the old ‘benevolent dictator’ management model and turn it on its head, creating democratic workplaces where everyone is the CEO of something.”

What a wonderfully progressive concept. But hey – this is America, and if they can make a socialist paradise out of a diner, without public assistance, then I say, go for it. They’d be the first.

As if to prove just how progressive and “anti-bourgeois” they are, “The strikingly red south wall [of the diner] features murals depicting, among other images, Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara in an apron and a cheeky take on the traditional symbol of solidarity and resistance – a clenched fist holding two spears of asparagus.” Communists have the best sense of humor – don’t they?

Ah yes – the shining ignorance of the collectivist left. Despite reams of evidence to the contrary, they are still deluded enough to believe that Che was some storybook freedom fighter, when in fact he was nothing more than Castro’s hired gun – a racist thug and murderer. Viva la Revolucion!

However, it looked like the socialist model was working, as they were even acknowledged and nominated for a Veggie Award. “I just want people to remember this as the best meal they ever had, and they got it from hardworking, honest people,” Cappelletti said.

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