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Well, this is certainly a switch and rather unexpected by most, I’d say. The post-debate polls have taken shape, and it seems the Trumpster has wrested the lead from Hillary in more than just one.

As I’ve said before – despite having to stay abreast of these events, I find it physically painful to sit through an entire debate between these two. From what I’ve seen through the three debates, nobody has actually achieved victory – not like Romney did in the first 2012 debate or most of the Reagan performances. It was more like a first and second loser.

 I don’t necessarily agree, but enough people must have thought Trump won the debate, and because of this, was able to bring more voters to his side. Rasmussen reported that as of Friday, “a new high of 88 percent of voters, and over 90 percent of Republicans and Democrats, now say they are certain how they will vote in this election.” As Rasmussen doesn’t do updates over the weekend, as of Monday, this was some of the latest information.

The Rasmussen poll was conducted by surveying 1,500 likely voters (which is important) and based on a three-day rolling average from Oct. 18-20.

It shows that Trump now has more support from Republicans (78 percent) than Hillary has from the Dems (77 percent). Equally as important, the survey shows he has the support of 15 percent of Democrats to Hillary’s 11 percent of Republicans. In all, Trump is said to be leading 48 to 47 percent, in a four-way race.

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