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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Albertville is a relatively rural community in Northeast Alabama, about 80 miles north of Birmingham. For well over a century this small town of a little over 20,000 was known for one thing – fire hydrants – specifically Mueller Company fire hydrants.

But things have changed in Albertville. Many would say not for the better. One such resident is 42-year-old Sandra Langlois. She would be considered part of the white working class and is unable to find employment. And the reason? “I can’t find a job because I don’t speak Spanish,” she says.

This isn’t some border town like Laredo, Texas. This is the Deep South where you wouldn’t think such a language issue would be as prevalent, but Albertville is now 30 percent Hispanic with over 3,800 born outside the U.S.

With the flood of illegals crossing the border, English is fast become a second language in Albertville, if it is spoken at all. Langlois says she has been rejected by prospective employers because she does not speak Spanish. I’ll bet you never thought you would hear that in the United States. She says she’s frankly fed up with hearing, “Do you speak Spanish?”

Years ago, several chicken processing plants moved into the area and began hiring illegal Mexicans. Word evidently got out, and now these plants have become a magnet for illegal labor. They have come in droves and are rapidly taking over the town of Albertville.

One could argue, as John McCain did years ago, that these are the types of jobs Americans won’t do. So what are the processing plants supposed to do? That’s easy – obey the law. However, in the era of Obama, illegals have virtually become a protected class. Perhaps the owners of the chicken plants think that if our president isn’t going to obey our immigration laws, why should they? I guess they would have a point. But as the saying goes: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

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