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A real constitutionalist comes out pro-Trump

Michele Bachmann, the former Minnesota congressman, is one of the good guys. Since she is a normal, conservative American, I can almost guarantee she would take no offense at me calling her either a congressman or one of the good guys.

But much to many conservatives’ dismay, I’m sure, she has come out in support of the Trumpster. Recently, Mark Levin did the same – although not really.

It’s been widely, and purposely, reported that Levin is also supporting or endorsing Donald Trump. This is wrong. Mark merely said he will vote for Trump – that’s it. For anyone interested, I am still somewhere between Mark and Glenn Beck. I haven’t decided.

Breitbart reported on Bachmann’s decision, as she said Friday: “On every single level, if you look at the agenda that Donald Trump has put forward, it’s been one that I – as a constitutional conservative, as a believer in Jesus Christ – I cannot only easily embrace, but readily embrace.”

That’s a pretty strong and ringing endorsement of The Donald, one his team is no doubt thrilled about, since Bachmann is well-respected in constitutionalist circles. She is likely to change some minds and pull in many fence-sitters.

She explained that the most important voting bloc are the believers in Jesus Christ. “The believing community across the United States, statistically, will be the voting bloc that chooses who the next president of the United States is.”

And she’s right. There are millions of Christian fence-sitters who are very worried about both Trump and Hillary. Bachmann is smart to target these folks, and one has to wonder if the Trump campaign may have courted Bachmann for just that.

I’m not saying they’ve tricked or are using her, like some of the boobs on the campaign trail; she’s too smart for that. But they may have gotten wind of her possible support and contacted her. I don’t know, and I guess it’s immaterial.

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