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World’s strictest gun control didn’t stop mass shooting

The gunman was originally described as an 18-year-old loner. Locals who knew him described the young man as a “quiet guy.” This was the description of the perpetrator of the latest mass shooting – this time in Munich, Germany. But we know so much more now.

Police described him as being “deranged” – waging terror in Munich as he gunned down six males and three females, ranging in age 13 to 45. But he was no German. No – news reports classified him as an Iranian-German.

I’m not a big fan of hyphenated classifications. You were either one or the other. Pick one and live with it. To me, this hyphenation is an attempt to “soften the blow” – to say, no, he wasn’t Iranian – he was also German.

The 18-year-old Iranian-German’s name was Ali David Sonboly. Not sure where the David came from, but whatever.

Ali was apparently bullied at school. Reports are that he was beat up on school grounds four years ago. So instead of just dealing with the bullying problem in a civilized fashion, he decided to post on Facebook that there was free food at the local McDonald’s. When kids showed up for the freebies, Ali took out his Glock 17 semi-automatic handgun and began firing at the patrons, killing nine and injuring 16.

I found it interesting that of the several news accounts I read – everyone was quick to point out that he didn’t just shoot people – he used a Glock 17. I suppose it wouldn’t matter, except for the fact that our own anti-gun President Obama had just made a speech recently about guns being so prevalent in America, that a child could more easily purchase a Glock then a book. Funny how that works.

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