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‘Kids with guns’ — 2 incidents end differently

Two brothers were playing together in a park outside Cleveland when the police rolled up. It seems someone living nearby thought the two were acting a bit odd and called 911.

It was like déjà-vu all over again. The two brothers, ages 12 and 15, were playing near a park pavilion – they were black and had weapons. Does this sound familiar at all?

Does it not sound like virtually the same scene set up in the Tamir Rice shooting? In 2014 (hard to believe it’s been two years), the scene was virtually identical: a park in Cleveland, young black kid, playing near a pavilion, toy pistol. The only thing different was the outcome.

Just as this recent event, 12-year-old Tamir Rice was playing with his airsoft BB pistol in a Cleveland park. Someone witnessed him waving the gun around and as it had no orange tip on the gun barrel distinguishing it from a real pistol, they called 911 and reported the incident as a lunatic brandishing a firearm in the park. Police arrived on the scene and shot the kid dead within seconds. If you care to refresh your memory on the Rice shooting, you may review the police footage of the entire incident. My audio commentary, which begins at 9:50, is above the embedded video. The police appear in the video at 7:08 in. You may review it here.

Thankfully, this latest incident ended without anyone being shot or killed. The police didn’t come screaming in at high speed like some scene in an action movie. Therefore, the kids were overly startled and didn’t panic. The kids were respectful and cooperative, putting there hands up and obeying the officers’ commands. And the officers acted more reasonable, actually affording the kids the time to be respectful.

The kids were handcuffed and hauled away. I’m not sure that was necessary, but I wasn’t there, so maybe it was.

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