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About a month ago, Elon Musk announced Tesla’s release of the Model 3 – an affordable Tesla, the all-electric car that is supposed to revolutionize the electric car market, because it’s an electric that doesn’t look like one.

The “greenies” have been all atwitter over it, as if this zero-emission vehicle will mark the beginning of the end of the polluting gas-powered car.

Whether it will or won’t (and it won’t) is almost immaterial, because governments are already proposing bans on gas- and diesel-powered vehicles.

As many radically idiotic mandates begin in Europe and make their way across the pond, this one is no different. One comes from the land of tulips and windmills – the Netherlands – where practically everything is legal except the internal combustion engine.

“The plan, which has been called ‘unrealistic’ by conservative lawmakers in the Netherlands, would allow gas and diesel car owners to continue operating their vehicles until their engines break down. The ban would take effect in 2025 if the Dutch left has their way, and would affect any vehicle that is not 100 percent emissions-free. This means even hybrid cars are ruled out.”

So in less than a decade the Dutch expect everyone to own an “emissions free” vehicle. Sure, that sounds feasible. After all, just three years ago data were provided showing fully 1.4 percent of cars in the Netherlands was fully electric. So it only has 98.6 percent to go!

In case other nations are toying with the idea, note that 1.4 percent the Netherlands has the second-highest ownership percentage per capita of electrics on the planet. Norway is No. 1. Good for them.

Still, these pitiful statistics won’t deter America’s green weenies, as eight states in the U.S. have similar proposals. “Within 34 years (by 2050), California, Rhode Island, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Massachusetts – plus Oregon and Vermont – will prohibit automakers from selling new gas or diesel powered vehicles in their states.”

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