My WND Exclusive – I’m Tired of Republican Tough-Talk Lies

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Raise your hand if you thought those jelly-spine wastes of human flesh, the Republicans, were ever going to repeal Obamacare. No hands? I thought not. If you did raise your hand, you should have your head examined.

For as long as I can remember the GOP has been the party of tough talk … and disappointment. And as much as I hoped they would actually see the light and anger of their base, who foolishly continue to vote them into office, I knew in my heart of hearts that they would never have the courage to actually follow through with the promise to rid us of this disaster.

 The Fiscal Times writes, “Instead of vowing to ‘repeal and replace’ Obamacare – a rallying cry that dates back to March 2010, shortly before President Obama signed his historic health care plan for uninsured Americans – many prominent Republicans are now promising to ‘repair and fix’ a program that is growing in popularity and now covers more than 20 million Americans.”

Knowing that the Fiscal Times is a leftist site, I’ll let go the line about Obamacare “growing in popularity.” It’s only popular to the leftist press and those in Washington who read and listen to the leftist press. Out here in the real world, it’s an unmitigated and absurdly unaffordable disaster.

But they are right about one thing. In 2010, the Republicans did win the House, thanks to the tea party movement and promises to fight Obama. Then, right on cue, the House leadership said, Gee – we wish we could do something, but without the Senate, we’re hamstrung. So we gave them the Senate, and the leadership of both bodies came back after the election and said, Gee – without the executive branch, we’re stuck.

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