More Confederate Statues come Down

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It seems this is now becoming a common occurrence. It’s sad and pathetic. Our spineless elected officials are sitting by and allowing, or worse, permitting, thugs and anarchists to deface property and remove history.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s bad or good. It’s part of America’s history and must be preserved. But the left understands better than do we, that it’s far easier to rewrite history when factual history is first removed.

First they came for Confederate statues and no one said no. Next they will come for our Founders. Will anyone then speak up? In this current climate, I fear not.

from the Blaze:

Beheaded Confederate statue is pulled down — and lands on protester’s head, cutting it open and knocking him out

Local Black Lives Matter president told a reporter part of the victim’s skull was visible

After demonstrators beheaded four Confederate statues in Portsmouth, Virginia, on Wednesday night, they pulled one of the statues down using a tow rope, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

The toppled statue then landed on a protester’s head and cut it open, the paper said.

Louie Gibbs, vice president of the Portsmouth NAACP, said the man — who is in his 30s — lost consciousness, the paper added. The man was taken to a hospital, the Virginian-Pilot reported.

After the incident, demonstrators stopped to offer prayers and a quiet moment of solidarity before police told them they needed to leave the area, the paper said.

A marching band played as the statue fell:

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