Mike Rowe Goes Off on Spoiled Children

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Love this guy!!

from the Blaze:

What do man-babies and Starbucks ‘safe spaces’ say about America? Mike Rowe explains

Mike Rowe examined two popular recent stories, the change in policy at Starbucks coffee shops, and a 30-year-old man who refused to leave his parents’ house, and found something illuminating in common with them.

Here’s what Rowe said

“Starbucks announcing you no longer have to buy anything to lounge around its stores or use the bathroom, meanwhile 30-year-olds are suing to stay in their parents’ basements,” asked Tucker Carlson. “Are these stories connected? Do they tell us something bigger about where the country is going?”

Rowe began by explaining why its harder every year to give out work ethic scholarships from his foundation, and said that it was harder to find the willingness to do hard work among American students.

“Why is it harder to find it?,” he asked rhetorically. “I think that probably does have something to do with the expectations that have evolved out of the safe space movement which you’ve done a lot to talk about on your program, and I’m starting to think that maybe there is a link between expectations a patron might have at a Starbucks vis-a-vis the expectations a squatter, who just happens to be genetically tied to you might have vis-a-vis the basement in which he currently dwells. Et cetera et cetera.”

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