Media Lies Again About Woman’s Deportation

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from The Blaze:

Media vilify Border Patrol over viral video of one mom’s arrest — but ignore why she was arrested

The media had a field day with the U.S. Border Patrol’s arrest of Perla Morales-Luna on March 3 in Southern California.

Morales-Luna is the illegal alien who was arrested on video while her children screamed in the background. The video has since gone viral.

More details behind Morales-Luna’s arrest have emerged, however, and the facts tell a different story from the emotionally charged video that made rounds on the internet.

What’s the background?

The dramatic video of Morales-Luna’s arrest sparked controversy across the globe last week.

Vice News published a news item about the arrest and titled their piece, “WATCH: Border Patrol rips mother away from crying children.”

The BBC published an article titled, “Immigration agents detain mother in front of screaming children.”

A headline for a story by the U.K.’s Mirror read, “‘Where is she going?’ Screaming children’s tears of pain after mum is dragged away and bundled into immigration van.

Social justice organization Alliance San Diego shared their own Twitter update after the video began racking up views.

“This just happened in our community!” the update, which contained the viral video, read. “Family separation and border militarization are real traumas that plague not only San Diego, but every community within 100 miles of the border which border patrol operates.”

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