Media Intentionally Lies about ICE

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Last night I saw this story aired on my local CBS affiliate. It was presented exactly as the Blaze describes – dishonestly. Never did they mention the reason why this illegal was hauled away.

from the Blaze:

Media ignore key detail in story about ICE arresting father driving pregnant wife to hospital

The mainstream media were aghast on Saturday after Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrested an illegal immigrant who was driving to the hospital with his pregnant wife to deliver their baby.

However, most outlets conveniently buried the story’s most important detail: the man was wanted for murder.

What’s the background?

ICE agents apprehended Joel Arrona-Lara last Wednesday at a gas station in San Bernardino, California, while on his way to the hospital. His wife, Maria del Carmen Venegas, was scheduled to deliver their child via caesarean section.

Gas station surveillance footage showed agents in two black SUVs pull up to the gas station and quickly apprehend Arrona-Lara. Agents left his wife at the gas station.

Unfortunately, Carmen Venegas had to drive herself to the hospital to deliver her child.

“I feel very bad right now,” she told KCBS-TV in Spanish.

She also alleged her husband had never been in trouble with the law, not even for a speeding ticket.

What did the media do?

In yet another instance of mainstream media bias against the Trump administration and ICE, many prominent news outlets framed the story in such a way that would leave casual readers believing ICE inhumanely detained an innocent man simply trying to welcome his child into the world.

Indeed, the story was widely shared as yet another example of the Trump administration’s brutal crackdown on illegal immigration.

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