McDonald’s CEO Supports Raising The Minimum Wage

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from IBD:

Don Thompson, CEO of McDonald’s, recently remarked that his company would support raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10 per hour.

It is always noteworthy when a chief executive has kind words about regulation affecting his industry. After all, if McDonald’s saw benefit in paying its workers more, it could do so today without having to wait for Congress. No regulation needed.

If an employer is willing to increase wages only when everyone else is mandated by law, however, his actions reveal more about his relation to his competitors than they do about his underlying generosity.

While there are a large variety of fast-order restaurants, not all operate in the same manner, particularly in how they utilize labor. It’s easy for a company to support a higher minimum wage when it plans on employing fewer workers as a result of the regulation — and, that’s exactly what McDonald’s has the ability to do.

First, consider scale of operation and how it affects production costs. In 2013, McDonald’s sales revenues exceeded $28 billion while Five Guys, America’s fastest-growing fast-food chain, netted only $1.1 billion in sales.

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3 comments on “McDonald’s CEO Supports Raising The Minimum Wage

  1. More Big Dog crony capitalism. Using the system to protect their own turf against competitors…shame to say it, but that was my first thought upon reading only the title.

    Like the “rich” who say the rich should pay more taxes while they spend a fortune hiding their assets and paying accountants to squeeze the tax code till it squeals to keep from paying their own “fair share”. If they think the rich should pay more, who the heck is stopping them? (hint—not me!)

    There are times when I can actually kinda see the OWS “get the rich” mentality a little. I’ve never begrudged anyone their own successes and rewards accrued as a result. Still don’t. But, gee, SOME of these people I just want to shake till their teeth rattle in hopes of shaking loose a shred of decency buried somewhere inside.

    Perhaps I should start a search for the last Dodo bird holdouts so far overlooked. I’d probably be more successful.

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