Marvel Studio to Ruin the Super Hero Franchise

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Fresh out of Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, the next crop of marvel Super Heroes will be gay and overweight. After a long string of can’t miss box office smashes, it seems Marvel Studio’s new goal is to go from first to worst. can’t wait to see Kevin James in spandex and a cape.

from NewsBusters:

Marvel President: Movies Will Go ‘Inclusive,’ Adding ‘Gay’ and ‘Body Positive’ Heroes

Phase II of the Marvel comic book cinematic universe is going to involve a few less of our classic superheros in favor of a bold new array of diverse and inclusive characters. Yes, Marvel’s going a lot more ethnic, and a lot more gay because what’s cooler than finding out that your new favorite Avenger enjoys his skintight latex suit for far more than just crime-fighting purposes?

According to Marvel Studios, the upcoming film Avengers: Endgame “will close a massive chapter in Marvel’s decade of film-making.” But no need to shed a tear. Marvel intends a whole new round of comic book film adaptations, but this time with a new age twist. Nerd culture outlet The Mary Sue wrote that, “Marvel head Kevin Feige is looking towards the bold, inclusive future of the brand,” that includes all sorts of LGBTQ and “body-positive” characters.

That’s right. If anyone couldn’t tell by the heavy PC feminist marketing behind their latest blockbuster Captain Marvel, Marvel intended on slowly stepping into the identity politics playing field. Feige told The Mary Sue about next foray into the big diverse world with Marvel’s first-ever Chinese-American crimefighter, Shang Chi.

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