Magic Leap Augmented Reality

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The Magic Leap One, with Lightpack and controller
The Magic Leap One, with Lightpack and controller(Credit: Magic Leap)

Magic Leap has been teasing a mysterious, game-changing augmented reality device for several years now, earning hundreds of millions of dollars in investment along the way, and today it finally revealed some actual hardware. Meet the Magic Leap One, available to developers from next year.

In terms of the capabilities of the Magic Leap One, it looks like we’re in for the same AR features we’ve seen from the likes of the Microsoft HoloLens and ARKit on iOS: digital graphics seamlessly merged with the real world, as you move around.

Where Magic Leap is hoping to stand out is with its “digital lightfield” technology that makes those computer-generated elements look like authentic, physical objects that are part of a scene.

“Our lightfield photonics generate digital light at different depths and blend seamlessly with natural light to produce life-like digital objects that coexist in the real world,” says the company. “This advanced technology allows our brain to naturally process digital objects the same way we do real-world objects, making it comfortable to use for long periods of time.”

Details are still pretty scarce – and Magic Leap says the product might look different when it finally ships – but the headset seems to be powered from a small unit you wear on your waist, called a Lightpack. Compare that with the HoloLens, where all the kit sits on top of your head.

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