Lunacy of the Academic Left

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from Daily Wire:

ADAMS: Shawnee State University Wins Competition Of Unhinged Academic Lunacy

People sometimes ask me what it’s like to work with the biggest bunch of unhinged lunatics in higher education in America. I used to be able to give them a serious answer. But I can no longer do that because the title of most unhinged institution has slipped away from the UNC system and landed in the great State of Ohio. This is all thanks to administrators at Shawnee State University who have now been sued for punishing a professor because he refused to provide public affirmation to an emotionally unstable student. Specifically, he refused to heed to a male student’s demand to be referred to as a woman, complete with feminine titles and pronouns. The story of how the lawsuit unfolded is simply astonishing.

Philosophy professor Nicholas Meriwether handled the situation exactly the way I would have. When a student first informed me she was attempting to be a male, I simply made sure to use her preferred first name, thus avoiding the pronoun issue altogether. Similarly, Meriwether offered to use his student’s first or last name instead of using gendered titles or pronouns. But neither the student nor the university was willing to accept that compromise, thus forcing the professor to join in the student’s denial of reality.

The manner in which the controversy was initiated strongly suggests that the student’s emotional issues are not limited to suffering from Gender Identity Disorder, or GID. In January, during a political philosophy class, Meriwether simply responded to the male student’s question by saying, “Yes, sir.” This is just one example of how professional and respectful this professor is with all of his students. He uses “sir” or “ma’am” or alternately “Mr.” or “Miss” followed by their last name. In other words, Meriwether is a true professional who demonstrates respect for his students at all times.

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One comment on “Lunacy of the Academic Left

  1. Academia has long since been consumed by the Party of science….deniers. They deny any science which is in dispute with any of their sacred cow delusions and they get enraged if any DARE to try to inject actual provable facts. We aren’t supposed to confuse them with facts….their minds [such as they are and what there is of them] are made up.

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