Killing Babies, Yes – Killing Animals, No

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Irony is lost on radical leftists. They are either too stupid to see it, or just don’t give a crap. I suppose it just depends on the leftist.
So when you see something this insane, you just have to wonder: “Which one is he?”

from the Blaze:

Leftist Gov. Gavin Newsom pushes California to be ‘no-kill state’ for cats and dogs. But for babies in the womb — not so much.

‘No adoptable or treatable dog or cat should be euthanized’

Far-left Gov. Gavin Newsom is pushing California to stop euthanizing cats and dogs.

“We want to be a no-kill state,” Newsom said at a news conference where he presented his 2020-21 budget, the Sacramento Bee reported, adding that he’s prepared to fund the effort through taxpayer dollars.

The paper said Newsom’s budget calls for a $50 million one-time general fund allocation to the University of California, Davis, Koret Shelter Medicine Program to develop a grant program for animal shelters, the Bee explained.

The program’s aim is helping communities “achieve the state’s policy goal that no adoptable or treatable dog or cat should be euthanized,” the paper said, citing the budget summary.

What about ‘no-kill’ funding for babies in the womb?

While Newsom is most definitely gung-ho for saving the lives of cats and dogs — which certainly isn’t a bad thing — he’s less enthusiastic, putting it mildly, about “no-kill” efforts when it comes to babies in the womb.

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