Is Clock Boy’s Dad a Radical?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Well – its official (at least in my opinion) – The Irving Texas “Clock Boy,” Ahmed Mohamed’s family are a bunch of Islamist provocateurs – or at least appear to be.

If you wish to bone up on your “Clock Boy” facts, you may link here  and here.

But let’s forget about the student Ahmed. Let’s take a look at who’s teaching and guiding him – his father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed.

This family has been in the United States since the mid-1980s, when the father, Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, left Sudan to come to America. By any account, the father has not been a problem – at least not outwardly. He owns or has owned businesses both here and in Sudan.

He is suspected of having ties with the radical Islamic front group posing as an advocacy organization, CAIR, and that CAIR fronts for the Muslim Brotherhood. Recall that CAIR was practically the first on scene to defend “Clock Boy.” It’s like they had a direct line.

Another oddity is that the father ran for president of Sudan, twice unsuccessfully, to save his country. He’s been in America for 30 years. He’s an American citizen and yet he wants to save his country, Sudan.

He says while campaigning in Sudan in 2010, he witnessed the horrors of the war in Darfur (2003 to present) personally. He said “When I was there my country was worse than I had left it. I saw people starve, and babies, die, and women cry in Darfur. No peace. No justice. So I am back to save my

Ahmed – his Dad and Genocidal Maniac

Sudan, so help me God.”

So he witnessed the ongoing horror in Darfur, yet he and his son Ahmed, the “Clock Boy,” happily meet with and pose in pictures with the architect of the Darfur genocide,
Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir. Al-Bashir, who seized control of his country in a military coup in 1989 and is currently wanted by the International Criminal Court for alleged war crimes in Darfur. A Sudanese newspaper quoted the father as telling reporters that “he is ‘extremely delighted’ for meeting Bashir and visiting Sudan. He expressed hope that he would have the opportunity to meet again with the Sudanese president…”

So father and son have met with a genocidal maniac, traveled to Mecca as guests of Saudi Arabia, who is a well known sponsor of terror and rules with Sharia law. They’ve toured Qatar’s Education, Science and Community Development. Qatar – who experts claim to the number two or three most acclaimed sponsor of Islamic jihad and the Muslim Brotherhood (kind of one and the same). And they attended a CAIR event here in the good ole U.S. of A. Everything any typical American family would do, eh?

And now this. It seems daddy-dearest is also a 9/11 truther.  Evidently he managed a Sudanese Facebook group which posts “9/11 truther conspiracy theories.” On September 28 he wrote and posted, in Arabic, that read “That the war against terror is nothing more than an illusion made in America—as al-Qa`ida was made in America, as well as what is happening now in the Arab East at the hands of the West,” and that the Americans’ fear “will lead to the spread of Islam,” and that the U.S. “created 9/11 to manufacture the ‘war on terror.’”

Rather suspiciously, or probably just coincidentally, daddy dearest took down the entire Facebook page. Hmm – wonder why?

I don’t know if this family is a bunch of radicals, or if they present a danger to us or not. However, I do know, without a shadow of a doubt that they’ve done, said and wrote some rather suspicious and inflammatory things, and that the Mohamed clan is definitely not your average American family.

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