Is a Smart TV Worth Owning?

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Once upon a time smart TVs made all kinds of sense. Turn the clock back a few years and the television sat right at the heart of family life. It was our only source of video entertainment, and we all used to gather around it to watch things together like earlier generations used to gather around the fireplace. It’s not for nothing that Panasonic used to refer to the television as a ‘digital hearth’.

 Against this backdrop, it seemed totally logical once the internet arrived that we should want our televisions to be more than just dumb reproducers of pictures and sound – and so the smart TV was born. The ability of smart TVs to go online and bring the brave new world of apps, information and video streaming directly into our homes without the need for any kind of intermediary PC felt perfectly natural.

So natural, in fact, that we all did our level best to ignore such ‘little’ matters as the horrible experience of trying to use a TV remote in a smart TV environment, and the fact that TV’s communal nature didn’t feel at all compatible with the much more personal, individual nature of interactive features.

The irresistible rise of tablets and smartphones

Then tablet computers and smartphones arrived. And as their influence on our lives has grown so the influence of the television has diminished. So much so that for the first time since those early smart TVs arrived I find myself seriously questioning if smart TV still makes sense from either a consumer’s or manufacturer’s perspective.

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