Iran’s Non-Nuclear Nuclear Program

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

So with all the recent talk of net neutrality, I decided to change gears and update the readers on how World War III is going – or at least one of the factions who will be involved – namely Iran.

We all know how badly, for whatever reason, Obama wants this deal with Iran, as does the great negotiator John Kerry. We’ve heard of the desperate and pitiful pleas of our leader to Iran to get the nuclear agreement done. It’s really quite pathetic.

We also know about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s much heralded (and maligned) upcoming speech to Congress, and that the Obamites are fit to be tied over it, actually dispatching operatives to Israel in an effort to unseat Netanyahu in his upcoming reelection bid.

But now the leftist UK Guardian, in concert with that “real news” site al-Jazeera, have released what they feel is rather damning evidence that Netanyahu has been effectively lying about the progress of Iran’s nuclear ambitions – that it’s really all about nothing.

Together, they have begun leaking secret documents. The Guardian writes: “It is part of a cache of hundreds of dossiers, files and cables from the world’s major intelligence services – one of the biggest spy leaks in recent times.”

Now, remember back in 2012 when Netanyahu stood up in front of the whole world with his poster of a bomb to show how close Iran was to achieving its nuclear goals?

Well, the “blockbuster” leaked documents show that “in a secret report shared with South Africa a few weeks later [after Netanyahu speech], Israel’s intelligence agency concluded that Iran was ‘not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons.’”

Oooohhh – Gotcha! I hope Netanyahu has some aloe vera, cause he just got burned!

It seems Netanyahu has been caught lying to the world. And it would seem that way, if not for the usual brilliant work of Ryan Mauro at the Clarion Project.

Ryan reminds us all of a little used thing called context. He reports that first off, the Guardian is presenting the “secret document” as being drafted by Israeli intelligence, which it was not. It was actually “from the South Africa State Security Agency and is a summary of what its Israeli counterparts reportedly told them. That single fact disproves virtually every news report describing the document.”

But regardless, when you read the entire quote, it clarifies things rather nicely.

Here is the actual full quote in context: “Bottom line: Though Iran at this stage is not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons, it is working to close gaps in areas that appear legitimate such as enrichment, reactors, which will reduce the time required to produce weapons from the time the instruction is actually given.”

Mauro writes: “you can’t have the bomb without the infrastructure for creating the bomb. The document is only restating what has been said all along: The nuclear activities that ‘appear legitimate’ are being completed for the purpose of producing weaponry.”

Now, couple that “evidence” with this. Just three days ago, the Clarion Project reported on the recent disclosure of “the existence of a secret uranium enrichment site in Iran that has been operating since 2008.”

This information was disclosed by the National Council of Resistance of Iran – a group, inside Iran, that is capable of delivering detailed information of the Iranian regime’s secret activities.

“The report pinpoints the hidden nuclear site with satellite photography, explains its internal structuring and shows the entrances as well as the location of an elevator to access a 200 meter underground tunnel. There’s even an up close photograph of one of the shielded doors used at the site to conceal radiation. According to the group’s sources inside Iran, the site is used for enriching uranium and building, testing and installing advanced centrifuges that enable Iran to produce the uranium for a nuclear bomb more quickly.”

As of just this past September 2014 – a mere five months ago, Iran was still denying international inspectors into at least one of its facilities. As late as November 20, 2014, a detailed report released outlining “10 nuke-related activities by the Iranian regime that it has not admitted to or clarified.”

And these are the people we are trying to seek a nuclear agreement with? But I’m sure we have nothing to worry about, judging by Obama’s stellar foreign policy track record.

And no doubt, Netanyahu’s coming to the States is merely an election ploy, and not a plea for help.

He must know that Obama has his back and wouldn’t allow anything to happen to Israel (he said facetiously).