Ignorant Liberals Sign On To Yet Another #HASTAG Campaign

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

MoveOn.org has begun yet another Hashtag campaign. This one is regarding the Syrian refugees that we mean, nutty, right wing jingoists don’t want invading our country.

The campaign is called “#AmericaWelcomes.”  On their site, toward the bottom of the page is an “America Welcomes You” map of the United States, covered in tags – each representing a smiling, clueless liberal happily welcoming unvetted Syrian refugees into our country. We see the northeast covered with tags, as well as the left coast, and of course, parts of Michigan and Minnesota, known hotbeds of Muslim concentration.

Above the map are photos of individuals holding their little “#AmericaWelcomes” signs. Some signs say “Says Welcome,” with a line above for the smiling liberal to fill in their city’s name – as if they speak for the entire city. Another sign reads simply – “I’m a Welcomer.” How sweet. There was even a woman and her daughter with a sign that read “Martha’s Vineyard Says Welcome.” I wonder how many Syrian refugees are going to be allowed to set up residence on the Vineyard. I wonder how many will live with the woman and her daughter.

I wonder if they know who they’re welcoming, because by all appearances it sure isn’t women and children. Yet FactCheck.org claims that we are wrong to say that most them appear to be men. That in fact, they report that the United Nations has data that over 50% of these “refugees” are women and children.

Of course United Nations data is going to show that the majority of refugees are women and children. It’s the narrative the left has chosen to promote. 20150914_MoveOn_AmericaWelcomes_Graphic_URLOr maybe its Middle East nations that offered up the narrative and the left just picked up on.

Whoever began this misinformation campaign obviously knew that reporting on who the real “refugees” are would never fly, or at the very least, be harder to sell. But what liberal Western nation could ever deny innocent women and children entry?

And these propagandists also must know that liberals, once they start, will, to the best of their ability, try to “one up” each other. It’s like one will propose a $10 an hour minimum wage, and some other leftist will think – that’s not enough – let’s go to $15.

The same thing is happening here. I believe John Kerry originally proposed accepting 10,000 “refugees,” yet recently I’ve been hearing between 100,000 to 200,000 being bandied about.

And of course none of these “refugees” will be vetted and none will be Christian. Obama will see to that. And how can they be vetted? No country, ours included, has any means of doing so. But that doesn’t matter to the useful idiots that sign on to these MoveOn.org campaigns. Those are just inconsequential details that muck up the joy of a Hashtag campaign.

These people have no idea who any of these “refugees” are, where they are really coming from, and what their real purpose for coming is. And frankly, I don’t think they care. It’s the mentality of the left, and the progressive right. “We have to do something!” And once that framework is established, it’s just a matter of how many.

It matters not how much evidence we have that the United Nations data is wrong (more than likely, purposefully) – that the overwhelming majority of the so-called refugees are males between the ages of 18 and 40.

Are we not going through the same thing on our southern border, where they told us that the majority of these illegal immigrants were either unaccompanied minors or women with children, only to discover that a good deal of them are gang members, drug runners, murderers, rapists, etc.

Anyone can Google photo after photo of these mass “refugee” importations in Europe. I defy them to find that women and children comprise even 5% of those pictured in any of these photos.

Yet even physical evidence still will not sway a bleeding heart liberal. They choose to believe what Obama, Kerry, the United Nations and MoveOn.org tell them – not their lying eyes.

I wonder if it really is blissful to be this ignorant.

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