High School Banned all Flags on Vehicles

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from the Blaze:

HS bans flags on cars, then students drive in flying Old Glory. The outcome may get you saluting.

After a Minnesota high school banned all flags on vehicles, students showed up Wednesday with a big message for the administration. After meeting with the protest leaders, the administrators agreed to withdraw the flag ban. (Image source: KARE-TV video screenshot)

So school officials banned all flags on vehicles — and that didn’t sit well with some students and parents.

To demonstrate they weren’t taking the flag ban lying down, about 30 folks protested at the school Wednesday, KARE-TV reported.

But they didn’t do so flying Confederate flags. Instead they showed the administration that a one-size-fits-all ban on flags can have embarrassing consequences.

With that, school officials said about 25 vehicles flying American flags were parked in the school lot, the Star Tribune added.

Don Ihrke told KARE his son “came home from school and told me that they weren’t allowed to fly the American flag on their vehicles anymore.”

So Ihrke attended the protest to support his son who was “making a stand,” he told the station.

“This is his truck and he’s proud of his truck, and he’s proud of his American flag,” he added to KARE. “He has a sister who’s a sergeant in the Marine Corps and he’s proud of his sister.”

“We just didn’t think that was right,” Ihrke told the station, regarding the ban, “by no means at all.”

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One comment on “High School Banned all Flags on Vehicles

  1. Another example of how our “education system” succumbed to the progressive left’s hostile takeover and became an indoctrination system, not an educational one.

    Given the pervasiveness of politics into literally every aspect of everything, this school eschewed the opportunity to use the inevitable conflicts arising from some flying a confederate battle flag as a lesson in individual rights and also–in such contentious times–peaceful debate of ideas instead of exchanges of insults and/or blows.

    Instead they caved. Habits…good ones are difficult to develop and bad ones are even more difficult to break. Obedience to constitutional and legal authority is a good habit.
    Surrender to authoritarian, unconstitutional tyranny is a bad habit but easier than fighting.
    The progressives know that…they count on it.

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