Has Obama Found a Way To Build His Civilian National Security Force?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Remember what Obama said during a speech in 2008? “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

We all assumed he would attempt to build one from the ground up – from nothing. Well, we may have been wrong about that. Oh, not his intention – just the method to his mad end.

Rather than build his “Civilian National Security Force” from scratch, it now appears he may instead be opting for a hostile takeover. Most don’t realize it, as his takeover is happening in real time. Things are much easier to spot when seen in an historic perspective. It’s never easy to spot these trends as they happen.

Many don’t see the successful federal usurpation of police departments across the nation. Could this be the “Civilian National Security Force” that Obama said he wanted? Could be. To date, several city and town police forces have been taken over and are now being effectively run by the federal government – and all it takes is a single “claim” of police wrongdoing for the feds to swoop in and take over.

Newark and Seattle have recently discovered this as their cities were forced to sign a federal consent decree in order to escape having to defend their citys’ police forces from federal lawsuit. It would’ve cost these cities untold amounts of money in their defense.

Instead, like the Mafia, the Obama Justice Department made the cities an offer they couldn’t refuse. In a nutshell, these agreements force cities and towns to relinquish control of local police to the feds. If they refuse, the agreement holds that cities would no longer receive any federal funding for their police for years to come.

This is been the plan of progressives in America since there have been progressives – a single, centralized authority that controls everything, including policing. This sounds a lot like a “Civilian National Security Force,” does it not?

It has taken a while for progressives to develop a workable framework, but now the bureaucratic pieces appear to be in place.

Obama has created a puppet Department of Justice, a radicalized Civil Rights Division (which shouldn’t exist at all) which may as well be part of the Black Lives Matter movement and has successfully packed the lower federal courts with sympathetic judges.

Now that the pieces are in place, it is just a simple matter of filing a federal lawsuit, alleging police misconduct or discrimination, bringing the full weight of the Justice Department to bear on a city. As no city can weather that financial tsunami, they are forced to sign the consent decree.

The decree then forces the city to admit its guilt and agree to, in effect, a federal takeover of its Police Department – for starters. And the agreement is binding. No matter who is elected to citywide office, they must still comply fully with the federal decree.

Perhaps the saddest part of this unconstitutional take-over is that our Congress appears wholly unaware. Lifezette.com 
contacted several congressional offices and they claimed to be “generally unaware of the regulation of local policing via DOJ consent decrees with cities…” Equally as disturbing is that, “Not a single hearing or word of protest has occurred on this topic.”

The federal government has been doling out “assistance” to states and local governments for decades. Obama has decided that it’s time to collect on those debts and there has been no one better at it than he and his minions.

I daresay that there is no local or state department which has not taken federal money in the form of grants or “seed” money for pet projects or to grow their own governments. It’s what all governments do.

Politicians revel in the fact that they can tell their constituents how much money they’ve been able to bring home to the state or community – as if that money has no strings attached. Most assume they will be long gone before the bill comes due.

Eventually the bill will always come due. It just requires the right people in Washington to want to collect. Now every state, city and town must watch its back and wait to see if their police departments will be the next conscripts drafted into Obama’s Civilian National Security Force.

3 comments on “Has Obama Found a Way To Build His Civilian National Security Force?

  1. It is the height of irony is that these monies are so-called federal funds. They are taxpayer monies extorted from states by the federal government which then refunds a portion of them as “federal funds” If the tax system were not so perverted, the cities and states would not be in need of fderal funds.

    Cities. towns, counties, other localities and states should stop accepting federal funds. When Obama, the DOJ, and DOE threatened to withhold federal funds to states and schools that did not follow his “bathroom decree”, some states and school systems said no way and keep the federal funds. They stated that they would manage without them.

    This blackmail should be stopped by Congress. It is yet one more abuse of authority.by the executive branch.

  2. What ‘should be’ and what is, is yet another matter. Our current ‘monarch’ has broken the law numerous times, yet congress has not responded. People find this hard to understand. But myself, studying communism, do not find it hard to believe at all.

    In 1963 the communists “in America” made their goals clear enough when they were documented in congress. (Search for ‘goals communist usa’) One of those goals was ‘to take over one or both parties’ within the U.S. To date they have succeeded to a large degree. (~70% in the senate, and ~40% in the house. So, with that degree of success, our current situation should not come as a surprise. (Note: Code word for communist is ‘progressive’.)

    As for the police, the ‘progressives’ are merely continuing their process of ‘clearing the chess board’. Once you have civilian police under control (ala, 1930’s Germany), you can then ‘dictate’ who is to be arrested and who is not. “But that is against the constitution.”, you cry. But as you know our constitution is being eroded away daily under the current regime. Again, no surprise. Yet another goal.

    As a parting gift, please answer this quiz question.

    A quick quiz: Who else made the statement regarding a civilian force almost exactly as stated by Obama? Believe me this is true.!!

    George Bush during his inauguration speech.!! Check it out. I heard it with my own ears and was shocked at the time. So, what does this tell us? Hmmm..??

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