Gut Bacteria the Key to Weight Loss?

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Not all calories are created equal, as a new study highlights how gut bacteria can alter...
Not all calories are created equal, as a new study highlights how gut bacteria can alter how effectively our bodies metabolize carbohydrates

A new study from researchers at the Mayo Clinic may shed some light on why certain people can lose more weight than others despite adhering to the same regime of exercise and caloric restriction. Alongside a myriad of other recent medical discoveries, the secret may lie in the unique make-up of our gut bacteria.

A huge assortment of factors underly the pathophysiology of obesity. From genetics to environmental factors there will always be a huge number of reasons determining how an individual specifically metabolizes energy. An interesting growing body of research is now revealing that the make up of our gut microbiome could be playing a major part in explaining why some people can lose weight more easily than others.

The new study set out to examine variations in gut bacteria in obese subjects trying to lose weight. The results revealed that there were indeed differences in gut bacteria between those successful in losing weight and those who weren’t.

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