Gun Violence Will Be Tops at the State of the Union

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

Obama has begun his final year full court press to secure his legacy. He knows the clock is ticking and he must undo as much of the Constitution as possible prior to his exit. I believe one reason he appears to be pushing so hard is that he believes Hillary Clinton, one way or the other, will not win. She will either lose in the general election or her criminal behavior will finally catch up to her – therefore be unable to extend his radical legacy.

Of course one of the major issues for any statist is to begin the process of disarming the citizenry. So Obama has hit the road – giving speeches – using what Teddy Roosevelt called his “Bully Pulpit,” to spread his message of gun control.

As a slight aside, you’ve probably noticed that Obama, the Dems nor the press is promoting “gun safety.” See, the word “safety” carries with it a positive tone. When leftists speak of guns, which are as everyone knows inherently evil, they must take care not to detract from that message of evil with a word like “safety.”

Therefore, for leftists, guns must be forever linked with violence – thus the newly minted and focus group tested Democrat phrase, “Gun Violence.” Watch and listen for it – it’s everywhere.

For Obama, this final State of the Union Address, or more aptly put, the Sales Pitch to the Union could not have come at a better time. It gives him a virtually captive audience to push the gun violence agenda. And he’s taking full advantage.

During the State of the Union, historically three or four special guests of honor, invited by the White House, are seated with the First Lady – anyone from some humanitarian to a member of the military, etc. This time however, Obama is mimicking what

Crocodile in Chief

Crocodile in Chief

George W Bush did after 9/11. Bush purposely left a chair empty to honor those from that tragic day. One empty seat in Laura Bush’s box in 2003 symbolized “the empty place many Americans will always have at their tables and in their lives because of the attacks of September 11, 2001.”

However, this time it is purely political. Not that the State of the Union doesn’t usually involve politics, but Obama is upping the ante even from last year, when he had an illegal immigrant kid sitting in Michelle’s box.

This time the White House tweeted that, “@ POTUS just announced that one seat in the #SOTU guest box will be left empty to honor the victims of gun violence. #StopGunViolence.”

I’m sure this will be very effective, as Obama will no doubt go through the laundry list of victims and perpetrators – all except for the radical Islamist jihadists in San Bernardino. That he will gloss over.

Yet his empty chair stunt is getting little press, certainly relative to Ted Cruz’s quip regarding the stunt. Cruz tweeted that, “If I’m elected POTUS, there’ll be an empty seat for the over 50 million unborn children killed since Roe #Stand4Life,” which naturally drew the ire of radical leftists.

Obama’s motivation will never be called to question – but evidently what Cruz tweeted was just distasteful – fully accurate – but apparently distasteful. We can’t have candidates reminding the low information crowd of the sad truth about a liberal holy sacrament.

Personally I have never viewed an Obama State of the Union and I’m not going to start now. Why bother. We all know what will be said. I wish we could just revert back to the days of President Thomas Jefferson and for 100 years after him, when the president wrote out his annual message, and like Jefferson, simply had a clerk recite it to the legislature. No pomp, no circumstance, no political theater.

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