Growing Fascism on College Campuses

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

“A decade ago students were having lousy experiences on their campuses but there was not a way to let the world know,” said Shaun Harper, founder and executive director of the Center for the Study of Race and Equity in Education at the University of Pennsylvania told the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Now students are beginning to understand that what they are experiencing is a national phenomenon. Social media is a tool for students to help communicate their issues,” he said.

Actually social media is a gathering place for the new agitator set to whine and cry about how they are put upon and subject to faux-abuse. And this is demonstrated every day on any number of college campuses throughout our country. And why does anyone need to “let the world know” when your little feelings get hurt?

But its not about hurt feelings or name calling. Now is about forcing real change – change driven by a tiny minority of miscreants and rabble-rousers – change the majority neither wants nor should accept.

“Knowing that the eyes of the world are on you is a nightmare for universities in a competitive marketplace, because it affects image and recruitment,” Harper said. “Public shaming is not the thing that college presidents and others want. I think suddenly they are now more willing to listen, because if black livesthey are not willing to listen [they] will be embarrassed publicly.”

What he is ignorantly describing is fascism (or worse – maybe he’s not ignorant). I’d liked to say it’s reminiscent of Nazi Germany, but it’s actually closer to home and instituted by the one of the liberal left’s most revered icons – Franklin D. Roosevelt. FDR’s National Recovery Act (NRA) Blue Eagle program was not unlike Hitler’s early shaming of the Jews, as Germans painted signs on Jewish shop windows warning people not to patronize them – and the “warnings” became increasingly physical.

The NRA Blue Eagle was a program where the FDR administration set minimum price controls on goods and services. No one was at liberty to sell a product for less than the competition. Competitive capitalism was verboten. It was said to be “voluntary,” as shop owners would display a Blue Eagle poster in their shop window, thus proclaiming that they were “good” citizens.

If I may quote myself from the article linked above: “Any businessman who refused to display the blue Eagle was, not surprisingly, considered to be a suspect American – one who had to be dealt with. To deal with such dissidents, pro-New Deal groups organized well-publicized economic boycotts designed to pressure these unpatriotic dissidents into getting with the program.”

Sound familiar? It should. We may have new technology, but it’s the same tired old and dangerous fascist ideals. Some of course benefit greatly as, “Colleges and universities across the country hire Harper’s center to conduct campus racial climate surveys to gauge the climate on their campuses.” And I’ll bet virtually every “survey” conducted concludes that there is rampant racism and changes such as crack downs on free speech and expression must be made for social justice and equality. Oh, and the college must hire a bunch of social justice warriors to oversee the recommended changes.

And it’s only going to get worse as students are realizing, as they did at the University of Missouri, that they can demand practically anything and apparently get it, using proven bullying tactics against spineless administrators and faculty.

It truly is the inmates running the asylum.

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