Giving Rocket Bike New Meaning

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Bosch suggests adding lateral thrusters to keep the motorcycle upright in the case of a slip
Bosch suggests adding lateral thrusters to keep the motorcycle upright in the case of a slip(Credit: Bosch)

Manufacturers go to great lengths to make their motorcycles as safe as possible and usually the task is handled by electronics, such as traction control, cornering ABS and electronic suspensions. Apparently, no one had thought to employ rockets to help a bike stay upright. Until Bosch, that is.

As every rider should know, there is no such thing as a fall-free motorcycle. There are too many variables that determine the dynamic equilibrium of a moving two-wheeler, and a good chunk of them are not rider-dependent.

One of the most common mishaps a rider will sooner or later face on public roads is the lowside, which is usually the result of the front wheel losing traction. No matter how well equipped a motorcycle is in terms of safety features, there’s very little an electronic sensor can do if a rider tips into a corner too fast, or brakes too much, or simply runs over something slippery mid-corner.

Most of the time and for the majority of riders, saving a lowside is a case of sheer luck and perhaps a little bit of experience; keeping the throttle open is probably the only thing that might save the day if there’s enough room for the bike to regain traction.

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