Get Ready For Marvel’s New Super-Activism

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It’s like they just can’t help themselves. These self-important stars and starlets can’t help but share their new-found social justice warrior status with the non-enlightened masses. You know – the one’s who buy the tickets, So as the saying goes – just shut up and act. We go to the movies to be entertained – not to be lectured to. But evidently, all that is changing.

from RedState:

The Woke Superhero Trend May Just Begin As Marvel Head Kevin Feige Approves Of Actor-Ism

Get ready, the comic book origin stories may become more lecturing than entertaining.

As Bonchie wrote yesterday, Chris Evans is dispirited when it comes to Hall Of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. The GOAT thrower has been a supporter of President Trump since his campaign days, with a MAGA hat in his locker perplexing sports writers. The actor Evans — a very outspoken and occasionally vulgar opponent of trump — mentioned that he may have to “cut ties” if Brady is still a supporter of the President.

What seems hilariously lost on Evans is that many Marvel fans could feel the same way. When he comes out and says things like he feels Trump is “a dumbs**t President” there is a likelihood fans could feel as he does towards Brady. But in Hollywood the people who love to gaze into mirrors rarely possess that kind of introspection.

Actress Brie Larson had been as polarizing during her red carpet blitz for the recent release “Captain Marvel”, taking her woke activist views on the road and leading to pre-release backlash for the film. With the impending debut of the next Marvel epic, “Avengers: Endgame” there are indications that same social lecturing could be arriving. (DC comics upcoming new release “Shazam!” manages to avoid social causes.)

Entertainment writer Christian Toto noted this possibility recently at his website. Chris Evans is looking ahead while his term as Captain America is about to come to a close, but he is unbothered that his polarizing politics could have a negative effect on his career. In fact he states that when it comes to his provocative comments on Twitter the master behind the monumentally successful Marvel films, Kevin Feige, is in full support of the actor’s views.

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