Gerber’s Armbar Half the Size of a Multitool

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Gerber's Armbar Drive, in orange
Gerber’s Armbar Drive, in orange

Designed to balance versatility and excellent portability, Gerber’s new Armbar Drive is claimed to offer the kind of utility you could expect of a full-sized multitool, while still easily sliding in and out of one’s pocket.

The Armbar Drive measures 3.6 in long and 0.7 in wide (9.1 and 1.8 cm), taking up about the same amount of real estate in your pants pocket as a typical pocket knife. A 2.5-in (6.35-cm) fine edge blade swings outward from the handle and locks in place for slicing and dicing tasks, while a slew of other tools can be deployed depending on the job at hand.
Gerber's Armbar Drive packs a 2.5-inch extension bit driver with 2-sided bit

Gerber’s Armbar Drive packs a 2.5-inch extension bit driver with 2-sided bit

There’s a total of eight tools onboard, including an awl, a pry bar, a bottle opener, hammer, spring-loaded scissors, a striking surface to start a fire, along with a 2.5-in extension bit driver. A two-sided bit is also included.

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