First Artificial Eye

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The complex nanostructures give the eye an iridescent sheen
The complex nanostructures give the eye an iridescent sheen(Credit: Alan She/Harvard SEAS)

Harvard has reported a breakthrough flat artificial eye just 30 microns in depth which can exceed the capabilities of the human eye. The technology, which builds on so-called metalens technology by adding electrically-controlled flexible muscles, could make a real impact in all manner of optical fields, including those in cameras, telescopes, microscopes, glasses and even virtual reality.

The prototype device can make simultaneous adjustments for image focus, image shift and astigmatism, all of which can cause blurred images, and which are adjustments beyond what our own eyes can do. The technology can also focus in real time, just as our eyes can.

“All optical systems with multiple components … have slight misalignments or mechanical stresses on their components … that will always cause small amounts of astigmatism and other aberrations, which could be corrected by an adaptive optical element,” explains Alan She, an author of the research. “Because the adaptive metalens is flat, you can correct those aberrations and integrate different optical capabilities onto a single plane of control.”

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