Ferrari F8 Tributo

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F8 Tributo: Ferrari's most powerful V8 supercar ever with 710 twin-turbo horsepower
F8 Tributo: Ferrari’s most powerful V8 supercar ever with 710 twin-turbo horsepower(Credit: Ferrari)

Out with the 488 GTB, in with the F8 Tributo. Ferrari is justifiably proud of its powerful 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, so it has busted out its favorite infinity background photo studio to introduce its latest supercar ahead of a pubic debut in Geneva next weekend.

If the photos of this F8 Tributo look familiar, you’ve been paying attention. Where most brands agonize over photoshoot locations for each new vehicle, Ferrari has been using this particular grey-carpet-with-dramatic-sky backdrop for the last six years or more. We first spotted it in 2013 with the 458 Speciale, but since then it’s been used for everything from the California T, the 458 Speciale A Spider and the Portofino, to the 812 Superfast, F12 Special Edition, and all manner of others.

This background was there when the 488 GTB replaced the 458, bowing to emissions regulations and giving up its full-throated naturally aspirated V8 for a twin turbo, so now it can claim to have ushered in three generations of mid-rear engined Ferrari supercars. We look forward to seeing it right up until Ferrari releases its final product in 2055: a V8 carbon fiber walking frame for the last surviving people with driver’s licenses.

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