Female Wild Mammals Live Longer than Males

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Orcas are one of the mammal species in which the difference between female and male lifespans is most apparent
Orcas are one of the mammal species in which the difference between female and male lifespans is most apparent

It’s already a well-known fact that on average, women live longer than men. A European study, however, now indicates that the difference between male and female lifespans is even more pronounced in other types of mammals.

The research was conducted by scientists from the University of Southern Denmark and France’s University Lyon 1. They started by compiling demographic data for 101 wild mammal species – for each one, they estimated the average longevity for both sexes, along with the rate of increase in the risk of dying as a function of age.

What the researchers found was that the average female wild mammal lives 18.6 percent longer than a male of the same species. Even greater disparities were present in mammals such as the common brushtail possum, lion, orca, moose, greater kudu and sheep. By contrast, the difference between female and male human lifespans is just 7.8 percent.

It had previously been postulated that the shorter lives of male wild mammals could be due to their engaging in riskier behavior, such as fighting one another for breeding rights, or hunting prey while their mates tended to the young. According to the new study, though, mammal species in which the males lead rougher lives show no greater difference in lifespans than other more laidback species.

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