Exposing the Arbery Shooting Lies

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from RedState:

The Definitive Debunking of the Lies Surrounding the Ahmaud Arbery Shooting

AP featured image
Ahmaud Arbery. (Courtesy of the Arbery Family)

As with most controversial news stories, the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery has garnered nationwide attention and sparked a fierce debate in the public square. It has also generated no small level of misinformation being disseminated about the incident.

Some of these individuals seem to have all but dismissed the McMichael’s role in the incident and focused primarily on villainizing the young man whose life was taken under the guise of “getting all of the facts.” But those who are intent on smearing Arbery are building their case on falsehoods rather than actual facts.

This piece will address the most common myths surrounding the matter.

Much of the anti-Arbery smear campaign consists of an overall effort to convince the American public that he was not a jogger, but a malicious burglar intent on pilfering the belongings of the residents of Satilla Shores.

For starters, they argue that he was not wearing running shoes, as was pointed out by various news reports. Instead, they contend that he was wearing “work boots.” As proof, they center on a still shot of the footage of his encounter with the McMichaels that seems to show that he is wearing heavy boots. These individuals argue that if he were truly a jogger, he would not be wearing this attire.

However, cameras in the construction site he entered shortly before his death show that he was indeed wearing running shoes. Moreover, The New York Post published an article discussing the autopsy report. The author explains that the report revealed, “Arbery was wearing a white t-shirt, tan cargo shorts, gray athletic shoes and two tan bandannas — all of which were bloodstained.”

Another myth that was being circulated on social media indicated that Arbery had been carrying a hammer that he stole from the construction site, which is owned by Larry English. Those making this argument claim that he threw the hammer shortly before his altercation with the McMichaels. They point to an object that was lying on the ground in the footage of the encounter as evidence.

The grainy video footage does show an object on the ground. However, nobody has proved that this item is a hammer. Moreover, a recently-published YouTube video demonstrates that this particular object was already on the ground before Arbery reached the scene, so he could not have placed the item at that location. Finally, English told The Washington Post that nothing had been recently stolen from his construction site.

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