Even Statues of Guns are Scary to the Left

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from NRA ILA:

Anti-gun Political Correctness Imperils Monument to Medal of Honor Recipient

As difficult as it may seem, anti-gun tactics have reached a pathetic new low. We regret to report that some on the anti-gun left, in their fanatical intolerance of all things firearms, now find it acceptable to attack monuments honoring World War II Medal of Honor recipients.

Grand Island, N.Y. is home to Charles N. DeGlopper Memorial Park. The memorial honors the city’s hometown hero, who posthumously received the Medal of Honor for his valor during the invasion of Normandy.

According to the citation found at the U.S. Army Center of Military History, when Pfc. DeGlopper’s platoon became separated from the rest of his company, he volunteered to supply suppressing fire from his Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) while his comrades withdrew. In order to fire upon the German position, DeGlopper exposed himself to enemy fire and was wounded. According to the account, “Kneeling in the roadway, weakened by his grievous wounds, [DeGlopper] leveled his heavy weapon against the enemy and fired burst after burst until killed outright.” The citation goes on to explain, “In the area where he made his intrepid stand his comrades later found the ground strewn with dead Germans and many machine guns and automatic weapons which he had knocked out of action.”

The local Veterans of Foreign Wars post and others in the community have sought to expand the Grand Island memorial honoring DeGlopper. The centerpiece of their proposal is a statue of DeGlopper wielding the BAR he used to protect his comrades.

To pursue the project, the memorial’s backers requested $150,000 from the Buffalo & Erie County Greenway Standing Committee. According to the Buffalo News, the committee funded $2 million in other requests but denied the funding for the DeGlopper Memorial.

It should be noted that there were a reported $4 million in requests during the funding cycle, so the DeGlopper memorial was not the only project to face the chopping block. Further, local officials contend that their decision was strictly financial. However, many residents are suspicious that the statue of DeGlopper was scrapped because it featured the hero wielding a firearm.

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