ESPN Shows Media Double Standard

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Both the Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles and the NBA champion Golden State Warriors have opted not to visit president Trump at the White House. And Trump is okay with that. If they don’t want to be there, he doesn’t want them. Predictably the leftist media is hailing the two team decisions as some sort of triumph. But it wasn’t that way just a half a dozen years ago.

from The Right Scoop:

Here’s what ESPN said when a hockey

player protested the visit to OBAMA’S White House…

In case you wanted any more evidence of the double standard that ESPN has for the right and the left, someone dug up an article from years back where they absolutely slammed a white NHL player for protesting the visit to the White House – when it was Obama’s term.

From ESPN in 2012:

Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas never moves. He stands as still as the Statue of Liberty, with his focus directly on the American flag that hangs from the rafters in every NHL arena. There’s no denying Thomas’ patriotism. He represented Team USA as an Olympian and has called it one of his most memorable moments of his career.

But when the president of the United States invites you and all your teammates to the White House to honor your Stanley Cup championship, you go and represent the team.

On Monday, Thomas instead chose to represent himself.

The reigning Vezina and Conn Smythe winner skipped the White House ceremony, deciding to use a special moment for the organization, the team and its fans to voice his displeasure with the U.S. government.

What was he protesting for? He was standing up as a defender of the Constitution!!

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