ElektroCaster – 3D Printed Guitar

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Frank Piesik's ElektroCaster has been entered in the 2018 Hackaday Prize
Frank Piesik’s ElektroCaster has been entered in the 2018 Hackaday Prize(Credit: Frank Piesik)

Instrument modder Frank Piesik has combined 3D printing, electronic hackery and touch sensing to create the ElektroCaster that bridges the gap between traditional guitars like a Telecaster and full-on electronic sound makers like the (no longer in production) Kitara.

Piesik has previously engaged in a number of guitar hacks to enhance standard electrics with not-so-standard robotic elements, control interfaces and audio effects, but the host instrument wasn’t completely sacrificed. The main driving force for building an ElektroCaster from scratch was to light up the fingerboard.

We’ve seen many attempts to teach guitar using LEDs over the years, but few have actually made it to production. Of course there are luthiers and makers who will replace inlays with LEDs, but whole neck light shows are still pretty rare.

As Piesik admits he’s no carpenter, he looked to his maker roots for a way to build a modular instrument to his specs – using tools like a 3D printer, a CNC router and V-Slots. On his wish list were things like the ability to change the number of strings or even the space between them, a per-string signal path so that sounds could be assigned to individual strings, and touch-enabled frets. As well as the 144 RGB LEDs.

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