Driverless Tesla is not yet Completely Driverless

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by: Brent Smith

I’m all for slick new tech that has the potential to improve our lives, but there will always be a fine line between what will improve our lives and what is just plain crazy.

In my humble opinion, this is one of those times and one of those fine lines – at least for now.

Simply put, we are not yet ready for a driverless vehicle of any kind. We do not live in the movie world of Total Recall or iRobot, where every vehicle, cars and trucks, are driverless. And frankly I hope we never will be.

However, Tesla and Elon Musk are testing the boundries of the driverless car, and that’s fine. Yet anyone with even a borderline IQ would know enough not to put their trust fully in the driverless function – and certainly not enough to vacate the drivers seat while the car is barreling down the road.

And you would think that anyone who could afford a Tesla, would have better than a borderline IQ and would realize this, but you’d be wrong.

from the Blaze:

Two dead after driverless Tesla slammed into tree and burst into flames, police say

Two men were killed over the weekend in Texas when a driverless Tesla vehicle slammed into a tree and burst into flames, police said.

According to KHOU-TV, the accident occurred at approximately 11:25 p.m. local time on Saturday night in Spring, Texas, which is near Houston.

Harris County Precinct 4 Constable Mark Herman reported that a 2019 Tesla Model S, believed to be in self-driving mode, failed to negotiate a cul-de-sac curve while driving at a high rate of speed. The vehicle then traveled off the roadway and crashed into a tree before bursting into flames.

Deputies added that it took firefighters almost four hours and more than 30,000 gallons of water to extinguish the flames because the vehicle’s batteries kept reigniting. At one point, the firefighters had to contact Tesla for advice on how to put out the fire.

“Normally when the fire department arrives, they have the vehicle fire in control in minutes, but this went on close to four hours,” said Herman.

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