Did You Restart It?

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It usually goes something like this:

YOU: “So I’m having this problem with my…”
TECH SUPPORT: “Did you restart it?”
YOU: “…”

Few things cause more eye rolls than being told to restart something, be it your computer, smartphone, television, or whatever other technology we’re talking about.

Most of us are used to hearing it by now. The majority of people who I help out have already restarted their computer (or whatnot) before they even talk to me, and the others tend to slap their foreheads with their hands, shocked that they’ve forgotten this technology panacea.

Other people almost seem to take offense when they hear it, like they’ve been somehow insulted with this too-simple-to-be-helpful advice.

But guess what? It actually works! I’d estimate that more than half of the technology problems I see from my clients and readers are fixable with a simple reboot.

Why Restarting Something Works So Well

Now that the this-actually-works part is out of the way, it begs the question: why does it work?

Let’s start by talking about what happens when you’re computer is running:

You open programs, you close programs, maybe you even install and uninstall software or apps. Sometimes programs like your Internet browser are open for hours, or even days, at a time. Lots of other things stop and start too – things you never see yourself.

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