Dick Durbin; The Dreamer

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Update: It’s Friday morning and efforts by TheBlaze to extract an official response on this story from Senator Durbin are ongoing. As of 10:15 ET, there has been no official statement released from the senator’s offices.

It has been two days since a rather unflattering story broke about Alaa Mukahhal, one of Senator Dick Durbin’s “Dream Act” poster children. His website also refers to them as “American Dreamers” and highlights their stories online.

In those two days, the offensive Facebook pages of Alaa Mukahhal have been scrubbed and Senator Durbin has managed to duck or avoid TheBlaze’s efforts to secure a comment on her offensive actions and words.

Before 10 a.m. on Thursday, TheBlaze tried contacting Sen. Durbin’s office in Washington, D.C. In our first request to speak with the senator’s press secretary, we were hung up on. Additional requests for a connection to the lawmaker’s press secretary, Maria McElwain, via a cellphone or email address were not honored. No calls have been returned.

At 2:30 p.m. on Thursday, an intern in Durbin’s Washington office told TheBlaze that the senator was “aware” of the controversy, but no statement had been released. The young man also assured us that the press secretary would likely have a response soon. We were instructed to “call back in an hour, and we should have something.” An hour later we called and were once again transferred to a generic voicemail account for the “press department.”

Since Durbin represents Illinois and has a large office in Chicago, we also reached out to that office. Shortly before 4 p.m. ET, we spoke with another intern who attempted to connect us with the Chicago press chief, someone named “John” (the Durbin staffers don’t seem to like to share last names with Blaze editors). We were placed on a lengthy hold before being told, “I’m sorry, I thought John was here, he’s not.”

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