CycleWing Bicycle Sail

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The CycleWing is presently on Kickstarter
The CycleWing is presently on Kickstarter

Although there’s nothing like cycling with a good tailwind, your bike and your body are only capable of catching a limited amount of that wind. The CycleWing was designed to help, acting as – you guessed it – a sail for your bike.

Developed by software engineer Jorge Pando and mechanical engineer Nathan Rose, the CycleWing isn’t intended for use on crowded city streets. That would just be crazy. The idea is more that touring cyclists could use it while cruising for long distances along country roads, potentially saving them a considerable amount of effort.

Mounted like a rear rack, the sail and mast stay folded down and covered when not in use. Once riders want to get going – and if the wind is coming somewhere from behind – they manually set the CycleWing up within a few minutes.

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