Conda Camera Strap/Tripod All-in-One

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The Conda strap is presently on Kickstarter
The Conda strap is presently on Kickstarter
Frii Designs

Tripods are handy (even essential) for taking certain types of photos, but they can be a hassle to tote around. That’s why the Conda strap was invented, as it’s a flexible camera-carrying strap that stiffens to act as a tripod.

Created by Stockholm-based startup Frii Designs, the Conda features a flat padded section at the top – which sits against the user’s neck or shoulder – and an articulated section lower down. The flat part of the strap is stretchable, and its length is adjustable. The articulated section has a camera-mounting plate in the middle, with a lever on the back.

When it’s being used as a plain ol’ carrying strap, the Conda stays loose and flexible. A half-way flip of the lever, though, causes the ball-and-socket joints in the lower section to stiffen up. This makes the strap not unlike a GorillaPod, in that it becomes malleable, and can be twisted into different shapes. Once it’s in the desired shape, flipping the lever the rest of the way stiffens the joints further, temporarily locking the strap into that configuration.

Additionally, for camera-propping scenarios where the strap would work better as a long “cable” than as a loop (such as if it’s being wrapped around a tree trunk), its two joined ends can be pulled apart via a quick-release mechanism in the mounting plate.

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