Columbus Wasn’t Indigenous – Neither Were American Indians

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by: Brent Smith

As another Columbus Day is upon us, we are reminded again why the loony left is so aptly named and why we describe them as “low information.”

We all know Columbus didn’t just innocently “sail the ocean blue in 1492.” We all know it should be: “Columbus came in with the tide, for the sole purpose of Genocide.”

We know Ferdinand and Isabella said: “So Chris – we hear you want to sail off and discover a new world or something.” And Columbus said: “Nah – I thought I’d go kill some Injuns.” “Great Idea – here’s some cash for the trip.”

And for this reason, liberals across the nation have been protesting the celebration of this murderer. Instead of Columbus Day, many cities and enclaves of higher learning have begun making the politically correct change to “Indigenous People’s Day, and
First Peoples Day.” A few years ago Seattle made the switch to “a holiday that will honor and celebrate the cultural contributions of Native Americans.” Hooray for Indigenous People! Boo for genocidal European illegal immigrant interlopers!

And it continued at the University of Oklahoma, where a student “organization” calling themselves “Indigenize OU” made demands that Columbus be thrown on the ash heap of history and replaced with the aforementioned “Indigenous People’s Day.” This “organization” actually consisted of four – yes four American Indian students.

Naturally the OU student government bowed to the FOUR students demand and voted to scrap Columbus.


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Now I understand that liberals always have to have something to complain about and I agree that Columbus was not “indigenous” to America. The problem is that those FOUR Indians aren’t “indigenous” either.

American Indians didn’t “originate” in America, which is the definition of “indigenous.” They just happened to get here a lot earlier.

In fact, by all scientific accounts, they are Ruskies. Scientists have traced the American Indian origins to a region in southern Siberia named Altai. The region lies at the intersection of what are now Russia, Mongolia, China and Kazakhstan.

DNA studies have concluded that the peoples of this mountainous region trekked across the ice covered Bering Strait between 13 and 14 thousand years ago.

Dr Theodore Schurr, from the University of Pennsylvania, has been researching this for years. Dr Schurr’s team checked Altai DNA samples for markers in mitochondrial DNA which is always passed on by mothers, and Y chromosome DNA which sons inherit from their fathers.

Because of the large number of gene markers examined, the findings have a high degree of precision. In the Y chromosome DNA, the researchers found a unique mutation shared by Native Americans and people from southern Altai.

Though it’s possible that more than one wave of people crossed the Bering Strait land bridge; Schurr said that other researchers have not yet been able to identify another similar geographic focal point from which Native Americans can trace their heritage.

So, if anything, these FOUR “Indigenize OU” students should be petitioning for recognition of a Russian holiday. And since there are no Russian holidays in October, I guess it’s back to class for you.

Maybe be you study history… Your own!

About the Common Constitutionalist

Brent, aka The Common Constitutionalist, is a Constitutional Conservative, and advocates for first principles, founders original intent and enemy of progressives. He is former Navy, Martial Arts expert. As well as publisher of the Common Constitutionalist blog, he also is a contributing writer for Political Outcast, Godfather Politics, Minute Men News (Liberty Alliance), Freedom Outpost, the Daily Caller, Vision To America and Free Republic. He also writes an exclusive weekly column for World Net Daily (WND).

13 comments on “Columbus Wasn’t Indigenous – Neither Were American Indians

  1. In reality, all of the mention of Columbus…District of Columbia D.C….or the Columbia River or Columbus, Ohio etc.etc. use Chris’s last name. but America’s mainland was “discovered” by a chap named Amerigo Vespucci. To be politically correct and consistent we should be using his last name also and should be called The United States of Vespucci!
    How about that all you P.C. people?

    • Amerigo Vespucci, was a Map Maker, who Named Columbus’ New World discovery, after his Damn-Self, when he made a map of the then known world! Aren’t you Glad he used his First Name Amerigo/America instead of Vespucci? The Nuns, {Sisters of St. Joseph} taught me That in the 3rd grade. Back when Education Meant Something, ’57 or so!

  2. The FIRST LAW of HISTORY is ‘What you cannot physically defend is not yours.’
    History runs on the Brute Force model not Unicorn f*rts.

  3. Roy, they taught us the same thing in the Philadelphia public schools back in the mid-1950s. You and I have probably forgotten more of the history of our country in the last ten minutes than the kids are currently taught in a year. For confirmation, you need only watch Water’s World on Fox News or recall Jay Leno’s discussions with people on the street. Most of the interviewees could not even name the country from which we gained our independence or who fought in the War Between the States, as we used to call it. Our Founding Fathers and Framers were quite clear that for our Republic to remain free and independent required an enlightened citizenry. At the time o

  4. I believe civilization IS 13-14 thousand years old. I don’t believe we started the fight – scalping, kidnapping children, raping women – you know, the usual behavior of people who claimed the entire country was always theirs. And forget about the States we actually paid for – they will always claim it wasn’t enough and that a deal is not a deal. I have no more sympathy for “native” Americans than I do for the Japanese after our counterattack.

    • Are you serious? Please, please, please, read your history. We DID start “the fight”. Columbus was raping women, enslaving natives, cutting off arms of people who didn’t bring him enough gold…right from the very START. We know this from the personal diaries and records of Columbus’s own men, including a priest he had on board. Spanish explorers beat and enslaved Indians up and down the American coast from the moment they visited it. And when the English arrived, such as in Jamestown, they began attacking the Indians and taking their food and their land when they realized that they couldn’t grow enough on their own. The “pilgrims” on the Mayflower raided Indian burial sites almost from the moment they landed, stole their food, took their land, and eventually committed rape, slavery, and genocide on a large scale.

      Seriously, where did you even get the idea that “they started it”? In what world is that re-writing of history even possible?

    • You need to learn your history. Columbus certainly did commit the same crimes you are accusing Native Americans of, not to mention the ones he forcibly took for slavery. There are plenty of books and documentation written by settlers to back up the Native American claims. There is documentation of statements made by the military of that time in regards to the horrendous acts they committed upon the Native Americans. States paid for? You are wrong, not all were paid for their land, some had their land forcibly taken. And those that were paid for their land were paid well under the amount the land was worth.

  5. So how do they know that the Indians did not go from South America to Siberia and onto India and Africa? The native Indians think that they came from South America because of passed down stories from their elders!

  6. If we follow your logic regarding the determination of whether Native Americans are indigenous to its illogical conclusion, no people could be called indigenous because everyone came from somewhere else (except maybe the people of Ethiopia where the earliest remains of our Homo sapien ancestors have been found). Contrary to what your conservative remaking of history would have us believe, Native Americans are considered to be the indigenous people of North America. The very definition of ‘indigenous’ refers to things that are ‘native’ to a locality. And before you go on believing that Columbus Day was all about Columbus, catch up on your history and you will find that it was started by Italian communities as a response to the Irish celebration of St. Patrick. A little immigrant national pride contest.

    • I guess my only question would then be: How long does it take a “people” to inhabit an area before they are considered indigenous?

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