Colorado Vying for Election Fraud Champion

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by: the Common Constitutionalist:

Evidently Colorado has been working hard to obtain the crown of biggest election cheaters in the nation. They have some stiff competition, but with Governor John Hickenlooper’s 2013 signing of a new election law, I’m sure they feel confident.

The 2013 law has effectively nullified Election Day in Colorado. All ballots are now mailed to voters far in advance. Of course one can’t just mail back the ballot. According to the Jefferson County election website, “You must seal your ballot in the official return envelope”, and then one can mail it in.

But is there another option if you choose not to mail in your ballot? Why yes… yes there is. You may drop off your ballot at any one of many 24-hour, undoubtedly unmanned drop-off sites.

Colorado Common Cause thinks this is a great idea, saying that, “Under the new law, every registered voter will receive a mail ballot and it will be their decision on how to cast their vote. Voters can mail back their ballot, drop it off, or vote at a voting service center during early voting or on Election Day.”

“The goal was to assure maximum access to the ballot and integrity in elections,” said Carol Tone of the Colorado League of (liberal) Women Voters.

So, might Colorado’s new all mail voting law lead to ballot fraud? You better believe it and the Democrats are counting on it. Conservative investigator James O’Keefe caught on video, Work Progress director Meredith Hicks saying, “That’s not even lying and stealing, if someone throws out a ballot, if you want to fill it out should.”

Also caught on video was activist Christine Topping from Greenpeace. She suggested going to black neighborhoods looking for discarded ballots in the trash, filling them out and mailing them in. She saw nothing wrong with this illegal act but rather said it would be “putting the votes to good use”.

Is there a prison reserved for the stupid? If not there should be and these two should be the first incarcerated.

Just the fact that they appear to have no problem with this practice tells you just how vacuous and void of conscience Democrats are, although establishment Republicans aren’t much better, if you recall how Thad Cochran won his primary in Mississippi.

In 2008 the ACLU sued the state of Colorado and won, stopping an attempt to clear the voting rolls of dead voters and people who have moved. Now why would anyone be opposed to that? Hmmm.

The Washington times reported that under the new law, one person can turn in up to 10 ballots and when Megan Kelly of Fox News claimed that anyone could just print the ballot at home and turn it in, the liberals went nuts, exclaimed in their typically mocking and derisive tone, that of course that would be illegal and simply not true.

Printers these days can do a fair job at counterfeit currency, so they certainly could duplicate a black-and-white paper ballot, legality aside.

But as is obvious, legality has nothing to do with the Democrat vision for America. As demonstrated by O’Keefe, they simply don’t care what they have to do to win.

Election after election has demonstrated that the Democrats know they can’t win without cheating. Motor voter, the old Acorn voting drives, same-day registration, early voting, no ID required and now mail-in ballots and illegal aliens.

Just imagine if elections were honestly run. Democrats would be hard-pressed to win any elections, and that’s the whole point, and they know it!

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