CNN’s Chris Cillizza is not a Smart Man

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from HotAir:

CNN’s Chris Cillizza On Deputy Scot Peterson: He Proved The NRA Wrong

CNN’s Chris Cillizza had a really awful hot take on the news that Sheriff’s Deputy Scot Peterson stood outside doing nothing while Nikolas Cruz was inside Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school shooting people. Cillizza’s take is that this proves, once and for all, that a ‘good guy with a gun’ doesn’t always stop a bad guy with a gun.


“To stop a bad guy with a gun, it takes a good guy with a gun,” LaPierre said to applause from the CPAC crowd on Thursday morning.

The problem for LaPierre is that this latest shooting in Parkland, Florida, isn’t an affirmation of that view. It’s a direct rebuttal.

There was a good guy with a gun just outside the school when the bad guy with a gun started murdering people. The good guy with the gun wasn’t the solution. He didn’t stop it.

What the Parkland school shooting exposes is the fallacy in LaPierre’s argument: This is not a simple problem. And it does not have a simple solution like arming more people.

I’m actually amazed at how many people seem to think this is a clever argument. Scot Peterson is not a rebuttal of the idea that a good guy with a gun is needed to stop a bad guy with a gun. Here’s why: He didn’t try to stop anyone. He stood around outside, protecting himself behind a concrete pillar, aiming his gun at nothing.

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2 comments on “CNN’s Chris Cillizza is not a Smart Man

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  2. As one of the Broward cowards, one could argue they don’t qualify as “good guys” since good guys ACT like good guys. Just not being a “bad guy”/criminal isn’t the qualifier.

    BTW—email program outlook is warning traffic to you that your site is unsafe …

    Townhall is getting the same treatment. Some will see that and just say forget it. I suspect it’s not merely anti conservative/right wing bias alone but something on some sites [banners/popups, etc] allows them to tag you. I so rarely go to any Leftwing isles of ignorance but they likely have much the same setup for revenue raising if not more so but IMO it is very unlikely their sites are triggering a similar warning.

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