Closing Gitmo – Where’s the Harm in That?

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by: the Common Constitutionalist

In December, the daily caller reported that the State Department put a $5 million bounty out on Ibrahim al-Rubaysh who was suspected to be an Al Qaeda leader. Suspected, my aunt Fanny. You don’t offer up $5 million for a “suspected” leader.

GitmoThing is, he was released from Club Gitmo (hat tip Rush Limbaugh) back in 2006 by the Bush administration. However, since Obama has been our Monarch in Chief, he has, true to his promise, accelerated the releases in an effort to close Gitmo.

In 2014 alone, Obama has released Islamic dirtbags to Afghanistan, Uruguay, Georgia, Algeria, Kuwait, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia.

As an aside, did you know Saudi Arabia is building a giant wall and trench system along the entire border with Iraq? And why you ask? Well, it’s because they are scared to death of ISIS and unlike stupid Americans, they know walls can be built to keep people out. Just a fun fact.

So anyway, I’m not sure about some of those countries, but others it seems will just let the terrorists free to wreak havoc on us or our allies later. But what does Obama care – as long as he can clean out Gitmo.

And what about our good friends in Qatar – the country that took the five scumbags we swapped for the traitor Bergdahl? Qatar agreed to take them Bergdahland assured us they would keep tabs on them. Well, that’s good enough for me.

Releasing them to Qatar made no sense. They are not our friends. In fact they are one of the prime state sponsors of terrorism. According to the UK Telegraph, Qatar has sent cargo plane loads of weapons to terrorist gangs in Syria, Libya and the Gaza Strip. In September of 2014 Telegraph reported that “Qatar’s promotion of extremism has so infuriated its neighbors that Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates all chose to withdraw their Qatarambassadors from the country in March.” In other words, these guys are too extreme for the Saudi’s. Yikes!

The New York Post reported in June of last year that, thus far, 29% of Gitmo detainees have reengaged in terrorism. And that’s just the ones Obama’s own intelligence people have confirmed.

The Post writes “Obama’s terrorist parole board was established in 2011. He appoints its members – officials from the Justice Department, Pentagon, State Department and Homeland Security – without a Congressional confirmation process. It is secretive and lacking in accountability.” That’s par for the course.

And now, the latest former guest of Gitmo is Mullah Abdul Rauf, who is setting up shop in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. This, less than three months after British combat forces left.

Black flags of ISIS have been spotted, as Rauf’s group fans out to actively recruit throughout the province. He and his fighters have been battling the Taliban, who currently control the area. Ironic, in that Rauf was a Taliban commander for a time between 1996 and 2001.

The Grand ISIS Plan

The Grand ISIS Plan

Rauf is apparently being funded by ISIS, as he moves back and forth through Iran, to Iraq and Syria. Reports are that he is offering $500 in wages for those who joined ISIS. That’s a lot of money for those in Afghanistan.

But fear not, for our expert analysts claim he is not likely to gain traction for ISIS in Afghanistan, or displace the less radical Taliban. Sure, I feel better.

So let’s just keep releasing the last of the Gitmo detainees. Where’s the harm in that?

With Obama on the case, what could possibly go wrong?

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